It's not clear how or when the term Flapper first wound its way into the American vernacular. The expression probably originated in pre war England. According to a 1920's fashion writer, "flapper" initially described the sort of teenage girl whose gawky frame and posture were "supposed to need a certain type of clothing-long, straight lines to cover her awkwardness-and the stores advertised these gowns as "flapper-dresses."

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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Embroidery on the millinery tapes.

This week I have been concerntrating on the embroidery detail on the millinery tapes. These will be used as ties on my neck pieces. I have used the designs that I created from the Art Deco/ Nouveau ironworks and I feel this has extended my designs further but has also added to the overall look of the pieces.


Emily L Bone said...

The embroidery on the millinery tape helps it merge together with the piece and adds that little bit of fine detail which makes all the difference. Looks very exciting and I really love the colours you have chosen, that green is so vibrant and vivid!

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