It's not clear how or when the term Flapper first wound its way into the American vernacular. The expression probably originated in pre war England. According to a 1920's fashion writer, "flapper" initially described the sort of teenage girl whose gawky frame and posture were "supposed to need a certain type of clothing-long, straight lines to cover her awkwardness-and the stores advertised these gowns as "flapper-dresses."

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I am a mature student,in my final year studying for a BA Hons in Fashion and Textiles. I have two children who give me lots of encouragement. They are both studying, one is currently at home and other living in London, but with whom I speak daily. I have a love of anything from the 1920's and have recently read a book that had the title "Flapper." The author was Joshua Zeitz and I found it to be an entertaining read. This is where I got the idea for the title for my Blog, Girlish Delights in Barrooms.

Friday, 30 April 2010

New Designers Preparation Day 2010.

I attended the New Designers preparation day last week, where there were several speakers that gave us some useful tips for when we exhibit there in June. First of all they said we should remember to be professional, to talk enthusicatically and with a confidence about our work to anyone who approaches us when we are on our stands. That we should not dismiss anyone that is dressed casually as they might well be someone of importance.
We should ensure we have business cards next to our work, especially when we are not on the stand, but also that we should not be afraid to ask for business cards from anyone that speaks to us. That we should follow up any leads we have shortly after the exhibition has finished and before the person has forgotton us. They advised us not to get our business cards printed on shiny card as many people like to be able to write on them to remind themselves why they had picked the card up in the first place. It was also suggested that we should keep a book to put them in as this is a good way of recording who has shown an interest.
We need to register on line before the show starts and will be issued with a photo card on arrival that should be worn at all times. When you have registered you are able to have up to 10 images of your work on the New Designers website for free!
We were also informed that there are several awards given, including a prize for the stand and that these are judged on the Wednesday and that we should insure that we are on our stand at 9 o clock that morning.

Trip to the Fashion and Textile Museum.

I visited the Fashion and Textile Museum, in Bermondsey Sreet, London last week where they had an exhibition called, Very Sanderson-150 years of English Decoration. This was a very interesting exhibition showing how the Sanderson company had begun and how they had developed through the years right up to the present day. It was interesting to see how they have moved with the times and how today are recognised for both their classic timeless printed florals as well as their contemporay ranges of woven fabrics and prints.
In 2010 Sanderson celebrates its 150th anniversary with fabrics and wallpapers inspired by its archive. It has given me great satisfaction knowing that a company would have revisited their archive and come up with some exciting new contemporary designs, as I am also inspired by the past to come up with my designs.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Embroidery on the millinery tapes.

This week I have been concerntrating on the embroidery detail on the millinery tapes. These will be used as ties on my neck pieces. I have used the designs that I created from the Art Deco/ Nouveau ironworks and I feel this has extended my designs further but has also added to the overall look of the pieces.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Photo shoot.

The whole experience of showing my work to people other than my tutors, family and friends had made me feel quite nervous. I have never exhibited my work before and I felt that there was a lot riding on this photo shoot as it could potentially be the lasting image that everybody would remember of my work.
I had been asked by the photographer David Lam to make up some embroidery stitching in PVA glue so that the make up artists could attach them to the models body. They were incredible as they created a look that was exactly right for the photo. I was extremely pleased with the reaction I got from both the photographer and the make up artists to my work, it has given me such a boost and a confidence towards my work and i'm looking foward to exhibiting my work at Graduate fashion week and the New Designers shows in London , as well as our Graduation show at college in June.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Finished Neck Pieces

Here are three examples of my neck pieces. I dyed the millinery tape using mixed Procion dyes and have attached it to the felt. I am very pleased with the acid lemon green colour that I was able to produce as I feel it really sets these pieces off, giving them the contemporary feel that I wanted to achieve. Placing it next to the charcoal grey of the felt it manages to pick out the blues and greens of my stitching. I am looking forward to seeing my pieces on the model at the photoshoot later on this week.